Writing… With Children

  There’s nothing that grabs my attention like a blog about how an author manages to write at home when her children are awake. That’s right. Awake. There are plenty of articles that talk about writers who are able to wake up before the crack of dawn (yeah, this isn’t one of those articles) or […]

Finding Time to Write vs. Making Time to Write

Last week, I wrote about questions non-writers tend to ask writers. This week, I thought about what questions writers ask writers. The obvious questions came to my mind. “What genre do you write?” “What’s your current project about?” “Are you a plotter or a pantser or somewhere in the middle?” Even though there is no […]

If You Ask a Writer a Question…

Questions surround people. As a parent of nine-year-old twins, questions are a constant in my household.  “Why do we have homework anyway?” “What’s for dinner?” “Why can’t I stay up later than my bedtime?” As a writer, I have to constantly ask questions about my characters. “Why do you want that?” It would be so […]