Family Saturday: But That Costs More Than My Undergraduate Degree

This isn’t a rant about the cost of living. Okay, maybe it’s partly a rant about the cost of living, but it goes deeper than that. One recent study says that it can cost anywhere between $150,000 and $450,000 to raise a child without factoring the price of college tuition. My WH and I have […]

Family Sunday: Alice, Pink Floyd, or Cheers?

What do Alice, Pink Floyd, and Cheers have in common? Vera. On Alice, there was a ditzy but lovable waitress named Vera. There is a Pink Floyd song entitled Vera. And, of course, on Cheers, Norm’s much-discussed but never-seen long-suffering wife was named Vera. There are other famous Veras: Vera Bradley, Vera Wang, and for […]