Writing Tuesday: So What Have I Done

What songs make you think about your life? There are so many types of music out there that hopefully a certain type of music appeals to you whether it’s alternative, rap, hip-hop, pop, jazz, classical, R&B, swing (Big Band), country, Broadway, folk, blues, Reggae, New Age and even more. There are also so many holiday songs to enjoy as well. Inevitably when I turn on the radio during the holiday season, I hear John Lennon’s “So This is Christmas” at least one time. One line in that song always made me think about my life. The second line in the song asks what a person has done (I think fair use allows me to say that the second line is “So What have you done”). A few years ago, I would hear that line and would regret that I hadn’t started writing. So finally I started writing.

I wrote a book and almost finished another when the pregnancy test came back positive. I thought it would be a cinch to write whenever the baby was sleeping or whenever my two older children helped out with the baby. Then I discovered I was having twins. I developed writer’s block and put writing on the back burner, but I still had ideas running through my head. When the twins started mother’s morning out, I decided my “maternity leave” was over and that this time, I would be serious about it. This time I sought out writers’ groups and attended conferences. I’ve sought out critique partners and received invaluable information from people who have cared enough to read my work and tell me what I’m doing wrong as well as told me if something made them smile.

Although I gave up on my first attempt citing writer’s block and life issues, I’m learning the meaning of perseverance. This year was not easy as I’ve been dealing with the loss of my father after my mother passed away eighteen months earlier. During one of our last talks, my father told me how proud he was that I discovered that I’m a writer. Even though I’m not published, I can finally look back whenever I hear the John Lennon song and say I am doing something that I love. I’ve finished my first book (my first after the “maternity break” because I’m not counting the book from before my “maternity break.”) and I’ve started my second and third books. I’ve joined three wonderful writing organizations whose members are encouraging and generous with their time.

So if you have a book in you and haven’t started writing, don’t even delay until tomorrow. Start today. If you’re a plotter, start your outline and your research. If you’re a pantser, start writing.

I’m very thankful that I have a family who is encouraging me in my endeavors. My wonderful hubby and my four kids help me in my quest to find time to write, find stories to write, and find time to attend conferences and meetings which will hopefully help me become a better writer. Telling others about your writing can also be a huge step to finishing the book that you have in you.

So thank you, John Lennon, for your question that is one of the reasons I finally spurred myself to take that first step to writing books. Has any song helped you realize something about yourself?

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